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Floor filled with employees working on their computers

At Scout, we’re on a mission to empower businesses and their people through technology. And unlike most IT and Managed Services companies, we focus on business and technology.

Our philosophy is pretty simple – we work with you the way we’d want someone to work with us. We aren’t in the insurance business, we aren’t financials planners, doctors, or manufacturers of tangible products. And when we reach out to these companies in our business or personal lives, we don’t want to be mystified by industry jargon or misled because we don’t quite understand. We want these providers to understand why we need them; we want the things we are enlisting their help for to work, and we would greatly appreciate terrific service and cost effectiveness along the way. We created Scout Networks to apply those same concepts as a technology solutions provider to businesses in our community. Why make it harder than it has to be? At Scout we make what can be perceived as complex, simple. We provide a one-call solution for our client’s technology needs. We believe in high touch personal service that exceeds our client’s expectations and to do so at a fair price. And in doing so we believe that our business-focused and customer service-orientated approach delivers reliability, expertise, and trust – ensuring our clients have an IT partner for the long haul.

In the end, we are a hardworking organization that acts as an extension of your team. Our clients treat us as partners, helping their businesses reach greater heights through technology.

Our Values


It’s the heart of how we run our business and guides everything we do.




There is no cutting corners. Our clients trust us to build things that work, and we take that seriously.

own it

Every team member at Scout owns their part. We take responsibility for our clients and hold each other accountable. Success for our clients – and Scout – is in the numbers


We look beyond the present to deliver future value.

what's important to you is important to us.

We treat our customers how we want to be treated.