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One platform. One agent. Complete protection. We leverage security at every stage to reduce risk and ensure compliance for your organization. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your networks, devices, programs and more. New threats are piling on top of the usual suspects – you need to guard against cyber risk from older systems, spyware, poorly protected end points and employees who can inadvertently open the door for hackers.

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Healthy IT environments are less likely to be breached. To beat hackers at their game, Scout helps make sure you are up to date with cybersecurity tools consistently – helping to protect and defend your company and data. Scout works with you to:

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your systems

  • Implement the latest security controls and apply the latest patches and updates immediately

  • Secure your team’s email

  • Monitor your endpoints for threats with an Endpoint Detection and Response solution

  • Encrypt your data and devices

  • Store critical business information on ransom-ware resistant backups

  • Replace or retire hardware that has reached end of life

  • Provide your team with Security Awareness Training

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Regrettably, today’s cyber landscape is filled with hackers, viruses and ransomware attempts and no business is exempt from these threats. The cyber threat is constant and ever evolving, requiring 24/7/365 vigilance. And if you think small to medium sized businesses aren’t likely to be targeted – you’re wrong. Malicious cyber activity is happening everywhere, and a recent study shows that small businesses with fewer than 100 employees are receiving 350% more engineered attacks – like phishing, scamming or email compromise – than larger businesses. Why? Because compared with larger companies, many small businesses have not applied the tools used to defend their networks from a possible intrusion. Protecting your business and its data doesn’t have to be expensive – you just have to apply the basic tools that are required for using technology in today’s business world.

All of this sounds ominous, however, with the right cybersecurity solution in place, you can get sleep at night knowing your business is being monitored and protected around the clock by experts – Scout Networks. Peace of mind is within your grasp with our Cybersecurity Essentials or Cybersecurity Services.

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Scout protects all types of companies, from small business to enterprise.

Hackers are lurking around every digital corner

Ransomware attacks can strike your systems at any moment from several different origins. Get informed and be prepared so you don't become a victim when an attack hits your business.

Download our free Ransomware Survival Guide and learn how to prevent, protect, and confidently deal with a ransomware attack on your business' systems and data.

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Ransomware trends

Get up to speed with the latest tactics and methods cyber criminals are using to attack businesses and individuals.

how to protect your business from an attack

Prevention is the best method to keep the cyber criminals at bay. In the same way you wouldn't invite a stranger in your home or leave your keys in your car, you need to take simple steps to get in front of attacks and protect yourself from allowing them to happen in the first place.


Ransomware can leave you feeling vulnerable and without many options. Learn what ransomware is, hot to identify it, and what it means for your business.

impacts of an attack on your business

Besides financial losses, ransomware attacks can have far reaching effects on your business and leave you open and more vulnerable to future attacks.


Chances are, you will be attacked or someone will attempt a ransomware attack on your business. There are right ways and wrong way to respond to these situations. Get the free eBook and find out the exact steps you should take so you don't make a bad situation worse.

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increase in Ransomware breaches in 2022 - more than in the last 5 years combined.

- Source Verizon 2022 Data Breach   Investigations Report


Stolen credentials, phishing, misuse, or human error account for 82% of all breaches.

– Ermetic Team, 2022


of small businesses that fall victim to Ransomware pay the money the hackers demand.

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Many businesses must adhere to strict compliance and regulatory measures such as HIPPA, PCI-DSS and more. Scout works with you to ensure your cybersecurity solution meets the stringent standards of your industry. Whether you need email or endpoint protection, asset or network management, incident response and more, we outfit your organization with the cyber security solution that battens down the hatches while ensuring all compliance and regulations are met.