Keeping Your Business Safe & Secure

Security threats, data breaches, malware, hackers and system vulnerabilities can strike fear into even the most technology savvy business owner and finding a single source provider of solutions isn’t easy. That’s why we have assembled a full suite of both data and environmental security services to comprehensively safeguard our clients most valued assets.

Data back up services from Scout are seamless, efficient and secure. Many businesses assume their onsite data backups are just as safe (or safer) than keeping their data in the cloud, but, at the end of the day, your external hard drives and local tape backups are no longer good enough. Cloud storage is quickly becoming the new standard for data storage.

In a data-driven world, threats to that data from human error, hackers, or natural disasters can have serious consequences for any business. In fact, half of all companies will experience a data loss incident this year; many of those that suffer a catastrophic loss without a disaster recovery plan in place will never recover. Let Scout keep your business up and running through outages, data loss, and unforeseen disasters by taking snapshots of your servers and workstations and replicating them with our cloud based solutions. In the event of a local disaster, such as a fire or flood, your entire business network can be recreated in our secure cloud in a matter of minutes.
Our staff of experts go beyond data security – our mission is to secure everything, for everyone, no matter how big or small they are. At first glance, our mission seems obvious, until you consider what this statement means. We have set a goal to custom design and implement the best possible video surveillance and access control systems for your environment, regardless of budget.

Scout Networks is a Louisville, Kentucky based IT solutions provider offering managed IT services, voice & bandwidth services and on premise network solutions throughout Kentucky, southern Indiana and southern Ohio.